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Mama's Girls Pt 3 Living With Ruthie Mae 
Carolina Theater
310 S Greene St
Greensboro, NC 27401


One of the longest touring urban stage plays in America Mama's Girls now has a spin-off. Get ready for Samantha McSwain as Ruthie Mae and Kynya Daniels as Bre in the hilarious stage play by award winning playwright Garrett Davis' Living With Ruthie Mae.

Mercedes, the daughter of Paulette (one of Mama's Girls), ran away from home and finds herself at the home of Ruthie Mae along with Bre who is concerned that Ruthie Mae is not taking care of herself after the death of their mother. Living With Ruthie Mae takes a look at the effects of mental health in women. According to the National Institute of Health, nearly one in five US adults live with a mental illness. While People of Color have rates of mental health disorders similar to Whites, these disorders are more likely to last longer and results in more significant disability for People of Color. Most mental illness goes untreated, especially in communities of color. Forty-six percent of Whites with any mental illness received mental health services in 2015, compared to 30% for Blacks and 27% for Hispanics.

This production also features Kenneth Pierce, Deon Jones and Dartez Wright from Daddy's Boys. Although very entertaining with comedy and stellar musical performances Living With Ruthie Mae does an outstanding job educating on mental illness.

Special Guest Appearance by LeJuene Thompson


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