Garrett Davis

His creativity to use the performing arts as a vehicle to raise the awareness about health issues that affect our community has been called brilliant and simply genius.


Over the last 21 years Gdavis Productions has been presenting some of the funniest urban theater productions for audiences of all ages.


However, the last 5 years the creative mind behind such productions as The Lord Will Make a Way, Jessie & Lucy, Temptation, If Loving You is Wrong, Private Chambers and How To Make a Wrong Relationship Right has penned three of the most thought provoking and hilarious productions that has started a drastic and far-reaching change in the way people are thinking and behaving concerning caregiving and diabetes with Mama’s Girls 1 & 2 and Alzheimer’s disease with Forget Me Not.


Davis serves as an ambassador for the National Alzheimer’ Association and works to ensure that all understand the laws that effect the quality of life for those caring for and who have Alzheimer’s disease. Davis is also one of the founders of the African American Network Against Alzheimer’s disease whose Honorary Co-Chairs are Dr. Satcher, Rev. Al Sharpton and former Administration officials The Honorable Kay Coles James and Melody Barnes.


In 2012 the National Alzheimer’s Association named Davis advocate of the year.


Davis has committed his life to writing and producing stage plays that bring real life situations to the stage. His partnerships with AARP, The African American Network Against Alzheimer’s Disease, The American Dieabetes Association, The Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity and Wake Forest Medical Center is the start of a unique way the performing arts will be used to educate communities on health issues.


The inspiration behind his work is his grandmother Goodness who lost her life to Alzheimer’s disease. The play Forget Me Not was originally written to bring personal closure in his life for not being there while other family members took care of her during her final days. Now The Forget Me Not Project is an award-winning program that has gained national attention.


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Written, Directed & Produced by Garrett Davis for Gdavis Productions

Debra Tyler-Horton, AARP Script Supervisor for Mama's Girls 1

Angelica Alton, American Diabetes Association Script Supervisor for Mama's Girls 2