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The Return of Mama's Girls Trailer


3 New Episodes

AARP MG Episode 1 (Finances)

In this episode of Mama's Girls the girls are faced with trying to help their cousin whose daughter is on a spending spree. While trying to educate her about her finances and the effect that her actions are having on others they soon realize how far off they are with keeping their own in check. Have no fear, Miss AARP is here to provide everyone with tips and resources that will get everyone on track.

Featuring: Kynya Daniels and Samatha McSwain-Stith

AARP MG Episode 2 (Stress of Caregiving)

In this episode of Mama's Girls Renee has taken on the primary caregiving duties of her mother since her sister Baby Girl has chosen to live her life and prepare for her wedding. Renee finds herself stressed out after realizing that she may soon become the primary caregiver for her Uncle Larry as well. Once again Miss AARP is here to provide valuable information and resources to assist Renee.

Special Guest: Luther Barnes and Shirley Jones of the Joens Girls

AARP MG Episode 3 (Starting a Business)

In this episode of Mama's Girls Renee is starting to feel the pressure of having to take care of her Uncle who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Renee has an idea about starting a side business to help cover the cost of placing Uncle Larry in a senior living facility. This leads to her sister Ruthie Mae pondering if she can afford to retire. Their younger sister KeKe wants to help but not sure what type of business she can she start without a college degree. Once again Miss AARP has the answers for everyone. 

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